The Bird pictured below is a lightly variegated BUFF Hen.

Buff Canary As described under the section for Yellow Canaries; Yellow is not a generic term meaning all shades of yellow but a specific term to define the hard feathered bright yellow Canary.
A Buff Canary refers to the Frosted or Buff Yellow.
The term Buff or Frosted is used for birds whose colour is a pale yellow, which occurs because each yellow feather has a fine/small band around the outer edge of white. This gives the appearance of a softer yellow hence Buff or Frosted.

It is most usual to breed [ Yellow/Intensive ] X [ Buff/Frosted ] so as to retain a good quality of feather.
Too much [ Yellow/Intensive ] X [ Yellow/intensive ] creates a very narrow hard feather, which makes the bird look much thinner.
Too much [ Buff/Frosted ] X [ Buff/Frosted ], also known as double-buffing, creates a very soft feather which is prone to creating Feather Lumps an unsightly growth that should be avoided.

Author: James Hart - Published 06/06/2009