The cost of a Fife Canary will vary considerably depending on where you purchase from and in which city in Australia.

Prices are Australian $: [2009]

Purchased From:-
Cocks are [Boys]
Hens are [Girls]
$30 - $40.00
$15 - $35.00
Breeder - Show quality
$40 - $100.00
$40 - $100.00
Pet Shop
$45 - $65.00
$35 - $50.00

The cock birds are usually more expensive because of the higher demand [the Cock bird is the singer].
If you want to get quality Fife Canaries you should be talking with a Breeder as most Pet Shop birds are the breeders rejected birds [scrubbers].

Consider joining a club, meet other breeders who will give you access to better quality birds for less money.