This is evident when a Hen cannot pass the egg and sits dejected and in distress. If untreated the Hen will usually die within hours.

Egg Binding happens far more than it should, and is usually caused by insufficient Calcium and Sunlight in the lead up to the breeding season. The best form of Calcium is shell grit, which is easily obtainable at low cost. Many breeders persist in using supplements etc. but nothing is as good as shell grit. Donít be caught using grit that is not made of shells, but consists of ground granite.
Sunlight is essential as is vitamin D for good health, and without vitamin D & sunlight the Calcium will not be absorbed sufficiently.

Keep the hen warm, place a drop of salad oil or olive oil near the vent; and massage vent and surrounding area very gently. Do NOT break the egg if it has formed a shell, as this will kill the hen. If a shell has not formed you can carefully break the sack, but this is usually not necessary.

CALCIVET (Vetafarm Wagga Wagga) Liquid Calcium and Vitamin D3 supplement for birds. It is a palatable syrup that can be diluted in drinking water or administered directly to the bird. When used as directed, Calcivet will not only supply Calcium but will supplement the birds Vitamin D levels and will boost magnesium intake. These three elements are necessary for the production of eggshells and strong bones. Calcivet can be used in egg bound birds to aid in the expulsion of the egg. Calcivet should be administered to breeding birds for approximately one month prior to egg laying and through the chick rearing period. Calcivet can be used with Aviclens, Soluvet, Coccivet but not Psittavet.

Published 28/02/05