Green Canary The photo to your left is a Heavily Variegated Green. There is nothing more beautiful than a Self Green Canary. (sorry I don't have a photo of a good self green).
The Green should be a dark olive green.  Green Canaries are often champions in show, why I do not know, but it may be because they stand out.
Greens are a Yellow or Buff Canary with the black melanin over the top.
Above I have spoken about the Self Green which means it has no light coloured feathers showing. Just one light feather it would be called Foul and you can have various degrees of variegation just like all other Canaries

Green Canary The easiest way, is to start with two good Green Canaries, one Yellow and one Buff. You should not breed Yellow to Yellow as this will make the chicks hard feathered and makes the bird look excessively skinny.  The same goes for Buff to Buff which gives a softer feather. If the feathers become too soft it causes feather lumps; because some feathers will be unable to push through the skin.  The progeny of a Green to Green should be 100% Green, with 50% being Yellow and 50% being Buff.
The other way is to use a good quality Green and breed back against a Clear Yellow or Buff. The results would be 25% Buff Green, 25% Yellow Green 25% Yellow and 25% Buff, however luck does play a part.  What you do know is you won't get White, or Blue.

Author: J Hart - Published 12/11/04