The closed ring is used so that each bird is uniquely identified with a year and a code.
rings The year helps you to know the age of the bird.
The code which is unique helps you to keep records of each bird.
A ring is made up of three parts a year last 2 digits; the initials of the Bird Club or Society; the unique number for that bird.
The combination of all 3 sets make it unique. For this example it is the year 2001, for the "Northern Avicultural Society" and bird number 299 Example [ 01 | NAS | 299 ]

Years are also colour coded [ Black ] [ Green ] [ Gold ] [ Purple ] [ Blue ] and [ Red ] for a complete list of the colour and year combinations
To buy closed rings you need to be a member of a club and they will be able to supply you with closed aluminium rings at a reasonable price.

When the chicks are about 7-9 days old, itís time to ring the leg. Using closed rings they must be put on the leg before the ankle gets too big but cannot be done too early or the ring will fall off and probably be lost. I ring pink-eyed chicks on the left leg and dark eyed chicks on the right leg (see article on Cinnamon).
To ring the chick you hold the chick in one hand and hold the leg with the fingers of the same hand holding the 3 forward toes together and the rear toe facing in the opposite direction to the front toes.

Step 1 - You then using your other hand, slip the ring over the front three toes.
Step 1
Step 2 - Across the ankle and over the back toe.
Step 1
Step 3 - The back toe is then released. Replace the chick into the nest and the hen will never know that anything has changed.
Step 1

Published 2004