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- it is essential that you provide Soft Food - Egg & Biscuit during the breeding season.
This section provides 4 different recipies plus product reviews of commercial mixes. - (.html)
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- Leo O'Brien who has bred many a CHAMPION Fife talks about why size matters (Acrobat file)(260kb)
- A Forum article by jimlad, worth a read(Acrobat file)(61kb)
- copyright DR. TONY GESTIERíS BVSc. (HONS) MACVSc. BMSc. (PHARMACEUTICS) - Vetafarm. (Acrobat file)(198kb)
The Breeding Cycle - Care and Maintenance, covers the preparation, selection of pairs, and then the whole cycle through to weaning off egg food and on to seed.
(Acrobat file)(302kb)
- Basic design and layout of the Breeding Box or cabinet.
- breeding using this form of housing greatly improves your success
(html) (James Hart 15/9/04)
- looks at an alternative method of using the Canary nest.
- rather than hanging on the wall use a margarine container with sand
(html)(P Ailwood 10/10/03)
- Shows with the use of graphics, how to put a closed ring on the leg.
(html)(P Ailwood 23/12/05)
Perches, Drinkers, Grit, Cuttlefish and the Bath. - This article covers these essential items.
- The how and why of these important items.
What do you get when you cross various colours of canary - This section is essential reading for both the experienced breeder and the novice.
Seed - Rape, Canary, Maw, Hulled Oates etc. - understanding different types of seed and how best to feed.
- an important part of a birds diet is the seed. Good quality and variety is essential.
(html)(Peter Ailwood 2004).
- the importance of green food is often understated. This article gives an insight into the types of greens that can be purchased grown or just plain scavenged.
- the definitive guide to prepare and how to go about, showing your Fife Canaries.
- this page will give you the basics for a happy healthy Fife Canary
(Tim Myles 2004)
- and judging Points for showing the Fife (Aust) and (United Kingdom
- the historical background to the Fife.
- A resource for further reading
- The song of the Fife Canary - One of the better singers of the Canary Family