There are different kinds of protozoal parasites or gastro-intestinal infections which cause disease one of which is Trichomonas gallinae, which is seen during the summer months in canaries. The birds get groggy, are short of breath and have bad digestion.
Can also be known as Canker.
A protozoal parasites which can be ingested with fowled water or food.

Diagnosois is difficult between Trichomoniasis and Giardia and may resemble poxvirus, candidiasis, or vitamin A deficiency.
Symptoms are smelly diarrhoea and undigested grains in the droppings. The growth of the young birds is retarded and they have a rough feathering after the first moulting. Can also have yellowish-white nodules in the oral cavity, oesophagus and crop.
Adult birds, which do not show signs of disease, may carry the infection for a year or more and are a constant source of infection for their young.

The treatment recommended for Fife Canaries is Ronivet-S. Ronivet-S is effective against motile protozoa such as Trichomonas, Hexamita, Giardia, and Cochlosoma in birds suffering from canker (trichomoniasis) or other protozoal diseases.

Ronivet-S (
Treatment of choice for birds suffering from protozoa infections including canker, giardia, cochlosoma, and hexamiter.
Water-soluble and water stable, it has extremely high safety margins.
It can safely be used at any stage in the birds breeding cycle.
Ingredients: Ronidazole
Available in powder form 25g 100g 500g and 900g (25g not available in Australia) Directions: Mix 1 teaspoon per quart of drinking water for 7 days.

Published 2007.