White Canary WHITE Ground refers to the base colour like Yellow or Buff. At the end of this section I will briefly cover Faun, Blue/Grey etc..
The white canary has been around since the 17th century, but today there are 2 distinct and very different kinds; Dominant and Recessive.
White Canary
The Dominant white is the most common white in Australia. The Dominant white can be easily identified by the slight yellow tinge on the Shoulder or Butt of the wing. This yellow is not present in the recessive. You will never breed a Recessive white from a Dominant pairing or visa versa.
All birds born yellow do not carry any gene with respect to white.
When breeding the Dominant White you should not breed White to White as on average 25% of the young will die by getting a lethal gene. Therefore you should breed White with Yellow or Buff. This on average would give 2 White chicks and 2 Yellow/Buff chicks.

Recessive white is not that common in Australia, and is usually bred only in the coloured varieties.
White CanaryThe recessive white canary is very different and does not carry the gene which becomes lethal when bred White to White. The correct breeding for recessive white is white to white, which will produce 100% white chicks.
When a recessive white is crossed with yellow, no white birds would be produced unless the yellow parent is a carrier of the recessive white gene.
All yellows having one recessive white parents are carriers of this white gene and when 2 of these carriers are mated together, on average 25% will be Recessive white.
Breeding Dominant to Recessive will unless you keep meticulous records cause you to loose the recessive type over time.

Faun Canary Faun is a white ground bird, Recessive or Dominant possessing the Cinnamon over the top ie. brown melanin. Cinnamon is not a lethal gene but is carried as a recessive gene.

Grey or blue are white ground birds either Recessive or Dominant. Grey is nothing more than a white bird possessing melanins, black and brown over the top.

Author: J Hart - Published 10/09/04